HK Property Owner Buying HDB Flat

Buying a HDB Flat Housing & Development Board Flat in Singapore but already owned a property in Hong Kong? Private property owners may also want to buy a HDB flat in Singapore or want to jointly own a HDB flat with the existing owners. You need to apply for an exemption from HDB.

HDB may consider granting exemption to exceptional cases based on the merits of each case. If you own a Hong Kong property, you are required to submit title deed of your property and a Property Valuation Report from a Licensed Valuer in Hong Kong.

For instance, if you already owned a property in Hong Kong through acquisition, will, letters of administration, gift or etc., and you want to become an owner of a HDB flat in Singapore, you need to obtain an exemption from HDB first.

When applying for such an exemption, you must submit a formal Property Valuation Report prepared and signed by a qualified surveyor/property valuer in Hong Kong with professional qualifications such as:

  • Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors HKIS
  • Registered Professional Surveyor (General Practice) RPS(GP)

To avoid unnecessary delay, applicant must make sure that the Property Valuation Report submitted satisfied the requirements of the HDB. Jointgoal Surveyors Ltd provides professional property valuation reports to Hong Kong property owners buying HDB flats in Singapore.